Self-Publish and Be Happy

Self-Publish and Be Happy
By Rob Hillman

Many aspiring authors have wondered - "Self-Publish and Be Happy?" How do you attain this when even starting the write-up seems hard, how much more the self-publishing part?

The Self-Publishing pursuit has always been dubbed as one of the hardest professions in the world. Many stories have been shared on how time-consuming it is and how competition online brings you down.This article will help you overcome the publishing puzzle. This piece will also provide you with reasons on why you should choose to self-publish your book and how you can do so.
The reasons why you should choose to self-publish your book:

1.) Well, firstly, self-publishing is easy. Why? Because there are various tools on the internet where you can choose to publish. The format and layout will also be provided for you. The instructions will be presented to you clearly.

Self Publishing Go Ahead

2.) When you self-publish your book, you keep track and control of your material. There is no third party (publisher) involved so you get to choose and do whatever you like with your book.

3.) Self-Publishing also lets you choose the right price for your book. As the author, you know best on how much your book is worth.

4.) The costs will be cheaper because you do not have to pay for a publisher.

5.) You are entitled of the rights you set for your book. So this will also be under your control.

You know your writing well better than any other publisher, so the decision and the rights should be controlled by no other than you.

How do you self-publish your book?

Cover and Design. During this step, you have already done all the writing and editing. You must be able to choose the right cover for your volume. This is the first thing your reader will notice so make it appealing to them

Title. Usually, readers go into the title when scanning. If your title is plain and blunt then clearly nobody will find it interesting. So make it catchy. Let it leave a question to your reader that will lead them to buying your book because they want to know the answer.

Price. Do not be too high on prices. It discourages readers. There are several books which might be of the same topic as yours and are cheaper.

Publisher. Choose Amazon KDP. This is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to publish a book. In fact, 79% of the authors use this. The KDP or the Kindle Direct Publishing will upload your book in more or less five minutes. That is how fast it is. All you have to do is create an amazon account and a corresponding kindle account. With this, you can start your publication.

Now you see why the words "self-publish and be happy" interconnect. Self-publishing provides you with complete happiness and satisfaction. The fulfillment you feel afterwards is priceless.

So what are you waiting for? Self-Publish now and be happy.

Rob Hillman is a best selling Kindle author and enthusiast. To find out more about publishing on the Kindle platform, please visit

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