As part of my work, an internet marketer, I am writing content on a daily basis and sometimes, need some inspiration for material to write. What can we do when we are faced with a blank computer screen and we are tired, or just having a blank mid day?

Use Google Search as a Tool for Creating New Content


Effectively, I use the help of Google to help me find new content to write if I am running out of ideas.

By going to the standard Google search page and typing in a subject matter, you will get the organic results for the search and then somewhere below the first few entries, there will be a section that says 'Others searched for..."


This is a mine of gold for generating writing ideas as it is a current list of recent searches in the topic area you are looking at writing about. I have shown a picture below to describe this.

Panic attack reduction

As you can see, I have searched in the above image for Panic Attack.


People Also Ask

The results have come back and the option 'People also ask' has displayed above as well. Below that, there are other subject questions relating to Panic attack, and it is these questions that provide us questions that we can answer to create our content for the day. It is imperative to keep our blogs updated and I always recommend we spend the time to create original content, that is new and unique.

The search engines know when we are copying other people's material and it is dishonest and wrong. After all, we may as well rank for our unique content. I wrote in another blog I own, Ideal earner member, how it is imperative to make sure that we are always doing a regular updating and creation of our unique material and it can become a straight forward habit, that is learned like any skill.


I regret to say it took me nearly thirteen years of spinning my wheels to get this lesson, but I have finally worked it out and create content that is my own, daily. It is always the better result in the long term and I am rewarded by the search engines as my content is good and new each day.


It is not necessary to spend half our lives pandering to the whims of Google or any other search engine. Just produce the best content you can, daily or at least as often as you can, and you will be well on the way to turning up in the organic searches. It is that simple in the long run.

If you are able to set aside a time each day to write something, even if it is only a four hundred work article, then that si fine, Over time, each article will get easier and easier to create. It is also very satisfying to see your results after a period of time, such as a year. Think how much you can contribute to building up your blog over a period of a year, or even six months.


Stagger your articles

If you write one article each work day (so five articles a week) then after six months, you will have 130 articles. A year, at one article a day will net you 260 articles.

I know of some people who will write on only one day a week, such as their day off, like Saturday and then load them all up on their blogs and stagger the release days so that an article drip feeds per day. This way, you could almost think of writing seven on your day off and then you have 360 articles after a year. It is really up to you.

Another possibility is to create videos and use software like Video Maker FX which is designed to make your 'slide show' style videos look amazing. I have found that my videos are much better after using this software. Hence, if you are not into writing, Video Maker Creation Tool

it is possible to release a video on a regular basis and upload it to your favourite video site like YouTube or even your blog direct. Note that you can also upload to You Tube and let them host it for you and you can embed the video into your blog or website, and not chew up your bandwidth so your site keeps working well.

The choices are endless. It is really up to you to decide what you would like to do. Just get going today and start seeing results in time.

You can write or make videos with Video Software here.

Video Maker Creation Tool



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