Review of the MillionaireMindBook | Inner Game of Wealth | by Luke Payten of the Ninja Mindset


I was very fortunate to be given a review copy of the Ninja Mindset program, that I affectionately call the 'MillionaireMindBook'.  When I received the package, electronically, I was very pleasantly surprised by the detail and contents fo the package.


Four Main Sections of the Ninja Mindset Package- MillionaireMindBook.

Given that I had access to the full package, I was able to go through everything and can tell you it is a monster- in all the right ways! While you can certainly get the gist of the full program, reading the main product- the Ninja Mindset eBook, I am a believer in going for gold, as the saying goes, and getting the full package with all the add-ons, if you can manage it.

Main Product: The Ninja Mindset eBook - MillionaireMindBook

In addition to the main eBook, there are

  • The Ninja Mindset Accelerator GOLD,
  • Total Health Enlightenment, and the
  • Wealth Ascension Series.
Millionaire Mindset Assention to Wealth
The Inner Game of Wealth- MillionaireMindBook

There is another optional upgrade, being The Ninja Mindset + VIP Club. I will concentrate this review on the part of the Wealth Ascension Series, as this was for me, the best part, given that I am into personal and wealth development. However, as I read the full program, in detail, I can say the Ninja Mindset eBook alone, will give you a  tremendous boost to your confidence, and provide you with fresh thinking ideas to apply in your life.


The information overall is not specifically new, but the author, Luke Payten has an incredible gift to explain everything so very simply and in such as a way as to not be overwhelming, The first eBook has 172 pages, so is certainly not a quick half an hour read, but while a book of this size may intimidate some, the arrangement of the contents is well proportioned, and presented in carefully selected chapters and paragraphs.


I have read books that have left me with a headache and a difficulty to keep reading, but the style of the author here is to be very clear, in a way that can easily be applied to our own lives.  I was thinking of ideas constantly as I was reading and taking notes for my own improvement and application in my own life.

I can be very critical when reviewing other products and will typically only give a glowing report like this when I am truly happy. The author has definitely over-delivered on this publication and made the effort to complete his research thoroughly.

The MillionaireMindBook, as I like to call this eBook in the Wealth Ascension Series part of the Ninja MIndset course program, is, without doubt, my favourite, but the core eBook , The Ninja MIndset will certainly cover the grounding principles in the wealth eBook.  To put it another way, this part of the course will provide a formula to compound your understanding of money matter four times as much as the main eBook.


I should note that the other eBooks in the course will help you to gain a better understanding of healthy eating habits and the best ways to apply the techniques presented in that series of eBooks. They are the  Total Health Enlightenment eBooks in the course. Total Health enlightenment for millionairemindbook

I can overall recommend the course- The Ninja Mindset, without any hesitation. I found it a thoroughly enjoyable and educational read, but in a good way, that was not boring, or like reading a textbook.


It was like bringing a detailed story to life, with all the information that is life enhancing and relevant to today's complex world and living well and satisfying lives.

 I have included a sneak peak of some of the subjects inside to look for:
  • The Shuriken Method

  •  Stealth Mind Control


  •  The Shadow Technique

  •  Ninja Coding

  • The Grappling Hook Technique


  •  Fear Invisibility Cloak


  •  Grand Master Principle


  •  The Art of Kaizen


  •  The Power of the Ninja Clan


  •  The Caltrop Technique


  • Shinobu Focus


Q. Where can I purchase this eBook series program?

A. This program is available direct from the author's website at The Ninja Mindset by clicking Here.


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