We all want to be successful, no matter who we are, or where we come from. This is an intrinsic desire for all of us.


However, many of us, through the trials of life may feel beaten, unappreciated, or despondent. Some of you may even be laughing. Please remember, however, that you can have the life of your dreams, no matter where you are right now. The most successful people in the world have often come from less than ideal backgrounds, and I firmly believe that no matter where you might be right now, there are always others worse off than you. However, let's concentrate on us right now!


Life Sucks


It doesn't matter if right now, your life sucks. After all, it can sometimes be the fact that you are nowhere near your best, that has allowed you to finally feel that you hurt enough to say, "doggone it, I want better!" We often need to be, excuse my language, pissed off enough to finally do what it takes, to shift our habits from destructive, lazy or uninspired, to finally do what deep down, we know we need to do.


You are better than almost 98% of the greater population because you are reading this and are therefore looking for a way to get to where you want to be. So many people just complain, yet do nothing and then wonder why they are still in a rut?

Please understand, while I come from an average background, I knew that I wanted more, bigger and better. It is OK to want more, provided we are true to ourselves along the way. This is critical.


Ninja Mindset

We Can Have a Chunk of Pie

Never sell out, as this is in my humble opinion, giving in to temptation. When you are feeling overwhelmed and down, certainly reporting on my situation, I decided that I was going to turn the situation and my life around. Now, to be open and put this all in perspective, I come from a standard middle-class family, but living in Sydney, Australia, I can tell you the cost of living is through the roof.


I have often felt that it was almost too difficult to make ends meet and a few months back, decided that I had a gut full and was going to make a change.


Making a Change


I want to make the point clear at this stage, that I Decided to make a difference in my life. For all the desire and want in the world, it is one thing to imagine, all of which is very important. The idea of imagining and visualising the end result in our minds is a critical step and one that precedes any great endeavour, given that to achieve in reality, we have to first conceive the idea and visualise it in our minds.

However, many people at this point stop, and don’t move beyond the desired stage and this is the line that separates the ‘haves’ with the ‘would likes’.

I know this may seem to confront or that I have no feelings and empathy. Please excuse me if I have come across the wrong way, but I really feel compelled to explain this point and make my view crystal clear, only in that I want to ooze my enthusiasm towards you to help inspire you to make the changes necessary to get yourself to where you want to go.


It certainly can be an uncomfortable process to make a decision and then do something about it. This is where the real pain starts, in that we are doing something that we feel uncomfortable and uneasy about. If all the good things were easy, then either all would have them, or more people would do it.


I will ask you, “Are you uncomfortable enough where you are right now?’ or are you just only a bit uncomfortable?


I made a point of making sure that I put myself in front of the people who have the experience of being where I would like to be and avail myself of their training and leadership examples.


In mid-2017, I decided that I would like to be on company boards, but as a shy person, it took a lot of me to find an organisation that trains people to be company directors. The ethos of the company in question is that they work with everyday people, as more and more companies need every day thinking people, rather than a typical mindset of ‘oldie mouldies’ and people with integrity- fresh blood in company boardrooms. I was terrified but made my way to the master class for this training. I wrote about this on my personal website here. It opened my eyes and helped me to picture more and more possibilities.


I applied for several board positions and am on a board of a charity that means a great deal to me and I am making a difference in a way that is both personally gratifying and allows me to improve the world around me and the lives of children that are really not as well as off as we all are.


Hence, it is imperative that we decide to do something, even if it is only a small act, be it to start studying a new course, to get a better qualification, or starting a small business from home and building up from there, in our part-time hours. The possibilities are endless. It comes down to us deciding to do something about our circumstances and working with what we have, whatever amount of resources they may be.


I often think about the person in the US who was living in shelters, was looking after his young son, and was studying to be a stockbroker. He endured unbelievable travails and still kept at his goal to succeed and become a well-paid stockbroker- all the time hiding the fact of his circumstances on his employers while he was training. I think that shows true determination to succeed, no matter the odds. How about you?


I have found the Ninja Mind Program to be a brilliant tool in helping me frame my mind and recommend you apply it to your situation. You can only move up.


You can do what you set your mind to do. Seize the day.

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