Ultimately, we all have the same amount of time in the day- twenty four hours to work, rest and play. I am firmly of the belief that the working component needs to be full on, determined and purposeful, to get everything done and feel that I can then enjoy my rest and playtime more fully and completely.


How about you? After all, we've all had our fair share of diligent procrastination and time wasted not getting things done and quite frankly, given that I am now in my forties, decided to do something definitive about it.

It's about getting off our butts and getting on with things.

Is it easy? Of course not.

ProcrastinationIn not so sunny Sydney right now, it's cold, rainy and overcast.

I wanted to get out of bed at 06:00 and ended up only getting out of bed at about 07:30!


That's a total of ninety wasted minutes.

However, once I got over myself and decided to get on with it, I'm sitting at my desk and typing away with ideas flowing completely and totally, at an awesome speed and determination. Where am I going with this?


It's about forming habits and getting stuck into those habits. Regularly.

Best of all, once a habit, or at this stage, I should say, a task is repeated on a daily basis for a period of twenty one days in a row, it becomes a habit. That means, it is easier to follow through and do the task that at first was a chore.


Another typical example is exercising. I will openly admit that I purchased an elliptical exercise machine that I used for the first three days and then did not use for a week or two after that. However, on realising the importance of being healthy and fir, I made the commitment to start up again and this time, I stuck with it.


I also made a point of setting reasonable and doable goals at first, so that I made a point of having 'small wins' on a regular basis. This in turn encouraged me to be more determined and keen to keep at it and keep my wokoutsr getting better and better.


It is always better to achieve smaller, regular steps than have goals for massive ones that don't get done at all. All of this is rock solid, basic advice that you've probably heard from your mother over the years. However, by being determined and committed, and setting up to do a bit each day, it is always going to work better for you over the longer term.


Busting procrastination is a life skill that will serve you well for years to come. I know I have certainly spent many weeks if not months fretting about things I know I need to do and then feeling so wonderful after they are eventually done. Why not skip the fretting bit and just get on with it?


Starting is often the hardest part.



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