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How To Make Script Style Voice Over Videos

Making Videos with Text Based Content   One of the common styles of video manufacture is via the power point style, where a scripted text is cast across the screen and a voice narrates the text. These videos are used in numerous circumstances, including as sales videos and what are known as VSLs or Video…

Millionaire Mindset Assention to Wealth

MillionaireMindBook | Inner Game of Wealth | by Luke Payten of the Ninja Mindset

Review of the MillionaireMindBook | Inner Game of Wealth | by Luke Payten of the Ninja Mindset I was very fortunate to be given a review copy of the Ninja Mindset program, that I affectionately call the 'MillionaireMindBook'.  When I received the package, electronically, I was very pleasantly surprised by the detail and contents fo…

Cheat Sheet Home Studio on a Budget

Creating High Quality Audio and Video Products at Home- on a Budget

There are many times when we just want to create a great video at home, or even record an audio track and put it on the internet, on sites like You Tube or even pod cast sites.   I also know that for may people, the desire to share their knowledge is hampered by the…

Direction and Metrics

Timeless Life Skills to Always Work By for the Self Publisher

When it comes to making a difference as a writer, or self publisher, it is imperative to always be on point, and ready to go, as per a plan. What am I talking about? Essentially,  I am talking about being clear, being decisive and being determined to do a certain series of tasks each and…


Cutting Below the Belt and Getting Things Done

Ultimately, we all have the same amount of time in the day- twenty four hours to work, rest and play. I am firmly of the belief that the working component needs to be full on, determined and purposeful, to get everything done and feel that I can then enjoy my rest and playtime more fully…

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