The Importance of Being Ernest About Editing

The day my first manuscript returned from the proofreaders, off it went again, this time destined for the editing process. It wasn’t long before it returned and, to be honest, I dreaded opening it. I stalled for most of the morning and, managed to delay my confrontation with reality until after lunch and, it was more than likely the Malt Whiskey which I had with my coffee afterwards that finally gave me the courage to open the package and begin to read.

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Self-Publish and Be Happy

Many aspiring authors have wondered – “Self-Publish and Be Happy?” How do you attain this when even starting the write-up seems hard, how much more the self-publishing part? The Self-Publishing pursuit has always been dubbed as one of the hardest professions in the world. Many stories have been shared on how time-consuming it is and how competition online brings you down.This article will help you overcome the publishing puzzle. This piece will also provide you with reasons on why you should choose to self-publish your book and how you can do so.

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How To Make Script Style Voice Over Videos

Making Videos with Text Based Content   One of the common styles of video manufacture is via the power point style, where a scripted text is cast across the screen and a voice narrates the text. These videos are used in numerous circumstances, including as sales videos and what are known as VSLs or Video…